X.PROF Cosmetic Biotina - 2 ml (100 Amp)

properties of centella asiatica: biotin is known as vitamin B8 and vitamin H and plays an important role on the metabolism of carbon hydrates proteins and fats. it catalyses the fixation of carbon dioxide on the synthesis of fatty acids. the hair is composed basically of a fibrose protein named keratin, formulated as a consequence of the combining of different aminoacids. On the root of the hair there is an active metabolism very sensitive to nutritional deficit, that decrease the concentration of minerals or proteic vitamins which can cause fragility and consequently hair loss. biotin has a revitalising effect which together with oligoelements ensures that the cell can achieve its methabolic functions and avoid hair loss. Indications: allopecia seborrheic dermatitis Mode of use: once a week for 3 sessions, then once every 15 days for 6 sessions, followed by once a month for maintenance. it can be used in conjunction with the topical application of minoxidil used daily by the client Presentation: 100 ampoules box of 2 ml each Composition: biotin 0.1 %