X.PROF Cosmetic Proteoplus - 2 ml (20 Amp)

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Antiaging, Antioxidant

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Properties of Proteoplus: Proteoglycans/glycosaminoglycans, the family to which proteochondroitin sulphate belongs, are the structural components of the intersticial matrix. They are synthesized in the fibroblast in only 2 minutes. GAGs are non-branched polysaccharide chains; it is calculated that they may absorb up to 50 cc of water per gram of dry weight. Due to their polar nature, provided with negatively charged sugar chains, PG/GAGs can fix water and exchange ions and, therefore, their main function is to maintain the isoionicity, isotonicity and isosmicity of the matrix, participate in all metabolic and nutritional process of the cell and exert a filtering effect of all molecules reaching the matrix.

Indications: Skin aging, Antioxidant

Mode of Use: One application every 15 days, complemented by the use of chemical peelings.

Presentation: 20 ampoules box of 2 mL each

Composition: Fixing protein + 200 mg of condrotin