X.PROF Cosmetic Cosmeretin 1 x 1000 - 2 ml (100 Amp)

Photoaging, stretch lines

x.prof 023

Properties of Vitamin A: Retinol is a product that, like alpha-hydroxyacids, is very widely used in dermatology. In the dermis it acts by stimulating fibroblasts, inhibiting collagen degradation that enhances neoangiogenesis and fibronectin synthesis. Its topical administration causes an increased shedding in the epidermis, enhancing the penetration of other substances.

Indications: Photoaging, Scars, Stretch Marks

Mode of Use: One application every 15 days, then once monthly for maintenance.

Presentation: 100 ampoules box of 2 mL each

Composition: Vitamin A ac 0.001%