X.PROF Cosmetic Organic Silica - 5 ml (100 Amp)

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Aging, regeneration, stretch marks, cellulite

x.prof 013/014

Properties of the Organic Silicon: The silanoles are organic silicon components which are water soluble and biologically active. They produce an intraadipocitary action of the AMP-c, stimulating the activation of the lipolysis and hydrolysis of the triglycerides without disturbing the cellular metabolism. Organic silicon is a structural element of the connective tissue that is present in macromolecules such as elastin, collagen, proteoglycans and structural glycoproteins,  used with electromesotherapy it facilitates the stimulation of fibroblasts, therefore increasing the biosynthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, facilitating the regeneration of epidermic and dermic cells, it also stops the non enzymatic glycosilation of the proteins on the conjunctive tissue as ti is an efficient metabolic protector therefore avoiding its degradation.

Indications: Aging, regeneration, stretch marks, cellulite.
It also has an important lipolytic action, not only for its action at the adipositary level which is seven times higher than that of the other lipolytics, but also because it regenerates fibrilar elements and improves the appearance of orange peel skin.

Mode of Use: Regeneration, 1 ampoule every 15 days for 4 sessions and then once a month for maintenance. In other aesthetic pathologies 1 ampoule per week for six sessions then once a month for maintenance.

100 ampoules box of 5 ml each

Organic Silicon 0.5 %
Organix Silicon 1 %