X.PROF Melilotus Extract 2 ml (100 Amp.)

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Cellulite reduced to circulatory

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Properties of Melilot and Rutin: This combination of active substances has multiple benefits applicable to the field of aesthetics. On the one hand, coumarin, the main active substance of sweet clover extract, has a high lymphotropic activity, is an effective reducer of inflammatory conditions thanks to its action against active oxygen radicals and reduces capillary permeability by the inhibition of leukotrienes (ltb4) via lipoxygenase.

On the other hand, rutin is responsible for the biochemical inhibition of the arachidonic acid pathway, enhancing the lipolytic action of other substances. It reduces histamine release reducing inflammatory conditions, capillary permeability and oedema. It causes on the connective tissue an increased synthesis of collagen in the vascular walls and has an anti-free radical and antilipoperoxidant action. It activates return venous blood flow.

Indications: Cellulite with fluid retention.

Mode of Use: Once a week for ten weeks and then once a month for maintenance.

100 ampoules box of 2 mL each

Composition: Meiloto extract 200 mg. Rutin 50 mg.