X.PROF Caffeine 2 ml (100 Amp.)

Cellulite, Reducer

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Properties of the Caffeine: Caffeine is a chemical sunstance of the vegetal alkolids group. It belongs to the family of xantic bases which all have a perunic nucleus. It is a derivative of trimethylexanthine with a molecular mass of 194.2.

Caffeine intervenes on the lipolysis process, inhibiting phosphodiestrasa, an enzyme responsible for the degradation of the ciclic AMP, which stimulates the trigliceridolipase of the adiposites, reducing the overcharges, mobilizing lipids through the enzymatic degradation of the triglicerides. The caffeine also stimulates the mobilzation and the metabolization of the free fatty acids.

Indications: Cellulite, Localised fat

Along with its lipolytic properties, its high and quick absorption via percutaneous administration improves the results of the treatments without causing systemic effects.

Mode of Use: Apply one ampoule monthly for 6 sessions and then one per month as a follow up treatment. It is recommended to apply of the reducing caffeine gel body sculpting gel simultaneously.

100 ampoules box of 2 ml each

Caffeine 20 %